Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another update to the update

Are you sick of my updates yet? First things first. I've been feeling a little guilty for wanting to get a 2nd opinion from another Dr. I don't know why but I have been. All of that changed today though. My ultrasound was last Friday. I didn't expect to hear anything until Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. After not hearing anything Tuesday I called around 4:30 and left a message with the switchboard to have the nurse call me. No phone call back. Not a big deal because most offices close at 5 so I thought I would hear from her on Wednesday. No phone call by 3:30 on Wednesday so I call the switchboard again. I leave another message thinking maybe the switchboard lost the message. Not so because the lady says, "it's noted in your chart you are waiting for ultrasound results, do you still need those?" Now it's Thursday and my appointment was almost a week ago and I still have heard nothing. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to want my results or for someone to call and update me. After leaving another message with the switchboard I finally get a call back from the nurse who says, "sorry we didn't call you yesterday the Dr. was in the or all day and she hadn't had a chance to look at your films." I'm not asking for special treatment or expecting my results the hour after I have my appointment. However, the imaging place is in the same building, same floor as my OBGYN. You can't tell me the films took 5 days to get over to her office? You can't tell me it takes 5 days to read films either. I know Dr.s are busy but I think that's unacceptable. At least call me and tell me the Dr. hasn't had a chance to review the films but as soon as she does I will receive a call. Don't just not call me back for 3 days. Feel free to put me in my place if I am being unreasonable!

Now for the results. The results are good and bad. The good news is the cysts on the right side haven't grown. They haven't shrunk but they haven't grown either, so that's good news. The not so good news is I have new ones on my left side and the older cyst grew in size. The nurse didn't say how much growth, she just said they grew. The nurse said the Dr wants to monitor them and do another ultrasound in 6 weeks. DH was put out by the monitor and wait stance the Dr. wants to take so I think the second opinion will come sooner than later. That's where we are as of today.

Summer school ended today. I only had 3 show up so it was a very easy day. I was looking at them realizing how much they had grown and had matured, getting all misty eyed, until E let out the biggest fart known to man. It took me right back to reality lol. I was also looking at the second graders who are going to be my third graders soon and they are so tiny. I may actually be the tall one this year.

This month is going to be a crazy busy month. Which is good, keeping busy is good. I have the GRE test this month. I'm running VBS. I have to attend a 3 day PLC conference. I'm going to Colorado to visit a friend. Then I'll have less than a week off before I have to report back to school. Have a wonderful 4th of July!