Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few updates

This is going to be boring sorry! Friday I had another ultrasound. I didn't have the same tech I have had the past 2 trips. This one was asking a lot of specific questions but would never say why she was asking. I know they aren't supposed to say anything but my other girl would always tell me how the cysts were measuring etc. I'm still having the pains and the some other stuff so I'm not real hopeful that the cysts have found a better home.

On a brighter note, I finished my first cohort of my masters course with a 95! Go me. And summer break is coming in 2 weeks! Then I have VBS, a conference in Colorado and it's back to school I go. Fun times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nervous Nelly

Tomorrow is another day of violation. Yippee. Hoping and praying the cysts have shrunk so I don't have to go back. In the meantime, I've made a couple of phone calls for second opinions so we shall see. Thanks to those of you who had recommendations. The exam itself really isn't that bad and doesn't hurt. The thing that sucks the worst is the full bladder. I really swear one of these days she's going to take Big Willy and insert it with the "small amount of pressure" she says accompanies it and I'm just going to let go and pee everywhere! I guess as I type I'll sip my water and try to figure out my outfit for tomorrow. Trying to fit into anything that doesn't have a stretchy waste band while carrying around a swimming pool in your bladder is impossible! So, I suppose it's hawt couture of t-shirt and sweatpants. Finished what feels like my 44th glass of water, so I'm going to bed. I'll update when I know. Prayers or whatever you can throw my way tomorrow would be lovely.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of my pet peeves

One of my pet peeves is people who do things because they think it's going to be easy. For example, "I think I'll become a teacher because they get summers off. Teaching isn't that hard, it's so easy or I think I'll become a mom, you get to sleep and play all day." Walk a day in a teacher's or mom's shoes and then tell me it's easy.

Teaching is just like any other profession and it isn't as easy as it "looks." We don't get summers off. After check out procedures, PDI's and CE we're lucky to get 3 weeks off. We deal with a state that doesn't believe in us. They just slashed our budget by 18%. We don't get raises. We are expected to raise test scores with students who are 2 years behind when they step into our classroom with little or no resources to draw upon. Which means if you teach 3rd graders, 8 year olds, you have to figure out how to bring a developmental 6 year old to a 9 year old standard performance by the time they leave your classroom. Oh and if the state has their way, our salaries will be paid based on said performance. If you're are lucky to find a teaching job in this economy you will most likely be hired in the school that no one wants to work in with makes your job quadruple more difficult. You will see hard times because you will get a low class which means you won't ever advance your step increase. Don't even get me started on the financial aspect. You think you have bills now? Wait until you get to a district that has no money, so you either buy supplies out of your own pocket or figure out a way to supply paper for worksheets and pencils to write with. Then there's the union dues that get drawn out. If your check starts out at $1200 (which most first time teachers are lucky to get 1200 but I digress) and $300 is drawn out for union dues, $50 for teacher retirement, and then we'll say 1/4 is drawn out for taxes you're left with just enough to pay the mortgage. Sound like an easy summers off job now? Hmmm somehow I don't think so.

And because I'm not a mom I can't comment but you don't get to sleep and play all day. Rant over sorry!