Sunday, May 30, 2010

Change of plans

I don't handle change really well. I'll give you a couple of examples to enlighten you. Let's take my college experience. From my 3rd grade school year on I knew I wanted to be a school teacher. So, it was only logical that when I graduated college I went to a University whose speciality was teaching. When I enrolled in the program I met with my advisor who gave me a block of classes, when I should take those classes and any class I had to have before graduation. Then I met with the department chair who told me something different. I knew I was going for a ride on a roller coaster to he said she said hell but I buckled in and held on for 7 years! Yep 7 years. I do have 2 degrees to show for it but I wasn't a happy camper each time my graduation date rolled around.
Then there's the whole year of wedding planning only to be upstaged by a massive snow/ice storm. I had everything planned out and was going to be done the Wednesday before the wedding but then came the ice and the ice sucked up all the power. I eventually came to terms with it, changed a few things, cried, and dealt. Thankfully things went my way in the end but the point is I dealt.
Now comes a new hurdle in the baby making process and I'm not dealing so well. I don't know if it's because I want what I may not be able to have, feeling like I'm letting DH and our family down, or all the other crazy thoughts floating around inside my head but regardless I'm bitter, mad, sad. Too many emotions to express. So I'm going to continue to internalize more then post the craziness. Until then I could use some prayers, good thoughts, vibes whatever you can send my way. Love you all!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The letters

Here are some letters to next year's 3rd graders. Notice the spelling!

On the first day of school I was nervest and now I'm glad to get out of school. You can't yell, you can't talk without raising your hand first, and the good things are do whatever your teacher tells you to do.

In Mrs. L's class if you do not be good she will get mad and call your mom. Don't try and tell her a wrong number either because she can look it up on her phone.

Dear 3rd graders you will have a good year it is fun. You are going to be around a mery woman.

Dear 3rd graders it is hard in 3rd grade because you have to do a lot of work and you don't get your way like I don't want to do my work or I don't have to listen to you or I don't have to do my work because she will call your mom and make your mom come up and do your work. How mbaresing.

Dear 3rd graders,
In Mrs. L's class its kind of tough. She really doesn't play games. She expects good behiover. You can't get away with bad behiover, attide, talking back to the teacher. Follow the rules so you don't feel nervos. Plus if you back talk she will sass you and then make you call your momma. Your momma won't be happy when you get home and yoll get in trouble and have to polojize to her.

Dear 3rd graders,
In third grade you have to behave. You have to follow directions quickly! and you have to make smart choices and you have to make your dear teacher happy. I was really shy but then I made friends.

Dear 3rd graders,
In third grade it's fun and cool. You get to play when it's raining we play inside when it doisnt rain we play outside.

Dear 3rd graders it is fun in 3rd grade. Wht you will expect is thet you will not now if she is waching you. You can get away with being good but you cant gite away from lieing to her.

If you are going to be in Mrs. L's class you are going to have fun.

The first day of school I was skard but I had frinds and if you get in trabel befor reces you get reces detchin.

3rd grad is cool and nasty and its asome. Yor gona like it to. Be ready for evrythang you can't get away with inthang.

You will love Mrs. L.

In third grade don't try and get in a fight in Mrs. L's class. If you do she will make you pay in every 3rd grade teacher's class. But don't get me wrong third grade is fun. When I first came to third grade I edd mit I was a little shy. Then I got to know the people and Mrs. L and now I feel sad because I won't see but it's cool okay.

Dear 3rd graders,
Listen to me good. She is the only person in the room who has past 3rd grade so do what she says. She will call your momma for back talk quick. If your rude to her she will be rude back because you learn from it. Don't even think about bucking up to a girl cuz she will challenge you and make you rit a paper over respect. If you don't follow the make your dear teacher happy rule you will never see recess so just smile and say ok. Don't fight over spots in line she has the million dollar spot no one else. She will let you do fun things but only if you listen. Early in the morning do your work or crabby patty will visit. Study your facts and dont say you did because shell challenge you on it. She always wins. Always. She is the only person who is important. She will tape you together if you dont problem solve so you might as well work it out.

Just a few of my creative kiddos! I'm going to miss them!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The end!

Well another year has come and gone...of school that is. My babies grew so much over the school year. I wish things would have turned out differently the last day but they didn't so I tried to make the most of it. That is another story for another time. There will be an update post to this one. I made the kids write a letter to next year's 3rd graders and some of them are so hilarious that I'm making a post about it! I have a busy schedule ahead of me so I'm going to have more excitement to write about. Which means I probably will become a PW! TTYS!