Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The battle continues

Let's talk about weight gain! I want to lose 30 pounds. Which on the scale of things isn't that much but when you are 4'10" it isn't good! I didn't put 30 pounds on overnight but I am impatient and want it off overnight! I have been begging DH to do P90x with me but he was hesitant. He wasn't for sure if we could do it. A couple of our friends are doing it and I think that helped change his mind! Tonight we did the fitness test and tomorrow we will start. It's good to have an accountability partner. If all goes as planned we will finish more toned than when we started around Halloween. I think this is an attainable goal. Maybe this year I will be able to wear a cute little Halloween outfit. Last year I had a cute one and DH went to zip me up and the zipper came with it lol! Shows how cheap it was but I was still disappointed. The year before that we went as bride and groom because we were getting married and I remember how proud of myself I was for staying motivated with diet and exercise. Then marriage came! It's been good to me but I can't help think in a way this isn't fair to DH. Not that he married me for my haute body lol (insert vomit here) but I should still have the same motivation. It shouldn't end just because I walked down the aisle. I want to do better for myself inside and out so the battle doesn't get out of control! I don't want to give up because the battle is too much. I will control the battle, the battle will not control me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Parenting 101

Tonight I had a great dinner with 14 lovely ladies and one cutie pie little guy. When we get together we always have lots of fun and interesting conversations. One story peaked my interest and helped form tonight's topic. One of the ladies was talking about a crazy dysfunctional parent who probably had no business having children. It got me thinking about parenting styles. Unfortunately, babies don't come with a how to manual. In turn toddlers, tweens and teenagers don't have one either! To me (says the woman with no children) Parenting 101 should be common sense. It seems like lately common sense has been thrown out and convenience has replaced it. It should be common sense that discipline is the parents responsibility. Not someone else's. For example, you better sit down or the waiter is going to get you. Hmm, why not just please sit down? Or you better stop. Aunt Allison will spank you if you don't. Why make the party not involved the bad guy? Isn't it the parents job to take the child and discipline them? Why fear your child? Aren't you the parent, not the friend? Don't your children need a parent and not someone who is going to pawn their disciplinarian role onto someone else so they can be the "cool' parent? Am I way off base in thinking this? Thoughts and comments are welcome.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let the journey begin

Well I am finished with wedding season, which means now its time to buckle down and get all of this National Board stuff organized. I haven't even looked at it since I got home from the Durant Conference! So bad! My aunt donated a ton of binders to me and with the massive amount of papers that go along with this portfolio I am sure those binders will never make it to my classroom. I am starting to feel overwhelmed. Not because I think I can't do it, I'm just afraid. Mostly afraid of the unknown. Probably. I haven't quite figured out the source of my anxiety but I am sure I will. I am really trying to reorganize my classroom and get everything in order so that when August comes I can jump in head first and not get swallowed. I have read so many stories of people who have completed this process that sometimes neglect their family or other duties and that's not fair. My family and friends don't deserve to be neglected because I have issues with time management. I don't exactly want to be a divorcee' because of it either lol! I'm pretty sure if I neglected DH, he would kick me to the curb, so I want to avoid that at all costs! I think I am going to set a schedule and work on it an hour a night and every Saturday. I know things change and things come up but for now that's a schedule I think I can keep without neglecting my family, friends and kiddos in my classroom. My portfolio is due at the end of March. I find out in November if I passed. If I don't pass, and by the way for most people it's a 3 year process, I redo the sections I didn't do well on and submit it again in March and find out in November. I am so glad I got the scholarship. I don't think I would have ever managed to know what the heck all of this stuff is, without the classes. I may ask some of you to read for me, but I will pay you in food and cookies! I may ask some of you to keep me accountable too. Make sure I am holding to not neglecting the important people in my life. So, I guess my purpose for writing this is to say thanks for the support and let the journey begin!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This blog will be dedicated to a little of everything. From my adventures in becoming a domestic goddess to my adventures achieving National Board status; To battling the bulge and becoming the best wife possible. For those of you reading this that don't know much about me I finally married the love of my life. We have our struggles but what power couple doesn't? We work at having a God centered relationship. You can check out our beautiful wedding pictures and read all about the perils that surrounded our perfectly imperfect day by clicking on our web page link under the view my complete profile tab. We love to travel to exotic places and one day will hopefully start a family. For now, when we get the itch we can borrow the most adorable nephew in the world and then return him when the itch becomes too much.
I am a school teacher striving to be the best teacher possible to my students who have a home life some of us couldn't imagine. I teach 3rd grade in a rougher than normal school. I wouldn't have it any other way though! They need me to be their security, parent, and problem solver consistently for 8 hours a day. I am overly organized. I love to cook and bake. I love to decorate and party plan.
My husband who I lovingly will refer to as h (for husband, original huh?) or DH (for darling husband) works with his best friend in insurance. I can't wait for the day when we reap the benefits. I couldn't be more proud of him though. He is a very hard worker and goes above and beyond to provide for us. He does little things everyday that make me fall more in love with him. The "us" I referred to would be DH, myself and our vivacious puppy dog named Tigger. He is a Yorkie. A handful but very sweet and cuddly.
We have a spectacular group of quality friends. We are sometimes like 80 year olds lol. We play dominoes and board games instead of going to the bars and staying out "late!"
So that's me and my life in a nutshell. Check back frequently for updates on The Real Housewife of OKC!
Oh and in true fashion I had tech help! Thank you Tavia for helping me.