Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time flew by!

Holy cow it's already 2011. The hubs and I have made a few changes at the household. We have a part-time kidlet. Sounds more interesting than it is, I promise! He is a former student of mine and things happened very quickly. His case worker sent an email to school and 3 weeks later we were approved. His first visit was Thanksgiving and he just left from his second visit. Everyone has embraced him as "ours" so the transition was simple. He definitely had a different Christmas than he is used to. Which was good for him and bad for him. I'm so mean...I made him write Thank You cards for the gifts he received. You would have thought I took his XBox and threw it out the window and then stomped on a kitten. Jeez. I won, but not without a lot of frustration and pouting on his part. He's so big that sometimes I treat him like an adult and get frustrated when he doesn't respond like an adult should, so I have to stop and realize that he's only 12. So that's what is going on in the household and I'll try to do better about blogging. Have a great new year!!


  1. I'm glad he is fitting in with your family! He is blessed to have you in his life!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad he is fitting in too. I hope your struggles get fixed soon. You and N deserve it.